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"I have been Dr. Parsons' patient for the last 14 years. Although I always felt that I was taken good care of, the experience under the concierge style medical practice has been tremendous. I like the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere in the office. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Parsons is able to spend more quality time listening, analyzing and explaining to me my health issues. I don't have to wait long for an appointment and it seems he is more approachable. I think it is an excellent approach to patient care."

Donald S. Parsons, M.D.
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, American Board of Infectious Disease

Dr Donald S. Parsons...Welcome to DanvilleMD.com
Concierge Primary Care Medicine:
Responsive, Personalized Healthcare...
The Way It's Meant to Be

There's a lot to dislike about going to the doctor these days. It starts with the phone call and the "push one, push two" of the automated answering system. Then the waiting starts...waiting weeks for an appointment, waiting in the waiting room, waiting in the examining room…All that for 10 minutes with the doctor, who is so obviously anxious to get to the next patient that you decide not to mention what you're really worried about.
-U.S. News & World Report        

Dr. Parsons' concierge primary care practice offers a better healthcare choice. For an annual fee patients receive:
  • Responsive, personalized healthcare.
  • A patient-limited practice (approximately 400 patients)
  • Convenient same or next day appointments.
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Parsons via his personal cell phone.
  • Unhurried appointments with ample time to discuss medical concerns.
  • Annual comprehensive wellness exam, including lab tests.
Patients often aren't sure whether a medical concern is serious or benign. Perhaps they've Googled their symptoms and have just enough information to cause them anxiety and not enough to calm their fears. They'd like to ask questions, but can't in a setting that's rushed. In Dr. Parsons' concierge style practice, time is on his patients' side.

A board certified internist, Dr. Parsons specializes in adult medicine (ages 18 and up). His practice is located in Danville, California.
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